Next Steps

It’s been a little while since the last post and while it doesn’t feel like much has happened, I remind myself that each step in the process marks significant progress.

Tyler and I met again with Kathie, our adoption consultant. After filling out a questionnaire detailing what’s most important to us in this process and for our future family, Kathie recommended four adoption agencies throughout Texas. We talked through each agency, the pros and cons and various structures to better familiarize ourselves. We then went page by page through a binder of information which included more details on the agencies, a list of resources and what to expect each step of the way. Tyler and I left the appointment with a flurry of emotions – from being excited to being extremely overwhelmed with the daunting process ahead of us.

Kathie recommended Tyler and I take the time to research and call each agency individually, narrowing down and then meeting with a few in person. We had planned a getaway to New Orleans for Memorial Day weekend and figured the time in the car would be a great opportunity to call the agencies and talk through our questions together.

Tyler had a gut feeling about one of the agencies so we started with a call there. The call was extremely informative and we both had a great feeling afterwards, that this agency was a good fit for us and would take the time to give us the attention we need throughout this journey. We followed shortly with a call to the second agency we both liked to hang up with similar feelings of excitement and anticipation.

We headed into our weekend with a sense of hope and purpose, knowing that the selection of an adoption agency is the beginning of our parenthood journey. We enjoyed a great weekend in New Orleans, complete with delicious food, festive drinks, live jazz music and the opportunity to learn more about my family’s history (even seeing an original portrait of my grandmother in a local museum there!) It was so special to, for the first time in a long time, just enjoy each others’ company and have fun while not feeling on-task or burdened with talk of “next steps” in the event that this month’s infertility treatment didn’t work. It was a great opportunity to reconnect and simply enjoy our marriage, the foundation for our future family.

IMG_1175 Here we are exploring Jackson Square!


One thought on “Next Steps

  1. Cindy randle says:

    I love reading these entries and watching God work through you. He will bless you beyond measure in His time I can’t wait to share in that joy.


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