Off to the Races

Last Friday, Tyler and I got on the road at 7 AM to head to the Dallas area for two appointments with prospective adoption agencies. We had spoken with both agencies on the phone and were excited, but really didn’t know how to prepare or what to expect. We arrived 30 minutes early to the North Richland Hills area, grabbed Starbucks (some welcome caffeine from the early morning), and headed to our appointment with Legacy Adoption Services.

I am big on details and though a surface-level observation, I found the building to be very charming. Upon walking in the door, we were warmly greeted by Tina, the owner of the agency, and Julia, the adoptive families counselor. Legacy is a small Christian agency that has only been around since 2012, but they have experienced tremendous success during that time and have worked hard to be intentional about the process, even developing a full curriculum for bithmoms. We immediately felt comfortable and free to be ourselves, asking honest questions and trying to learn more about the daunting process. Tina was very knowledgeable and professional, having many years of experience both with CPS and on the private side of adoption. She spoke with a constant smile and her passion for adoption was evident in everything she shared. We looked through some sample photo albums for families she has worked with, and took notes as to what we might include in ours. Tina even went so far as to telling us she is currently working with birthmoms and there will be 2 babies due in July and 1 in August! We couldn’t help but feel extremely excited and hopeful, but also overwhelmed by the amount of work required to be eligible. We left with an incredible sense of peace, knowing that we would be in caring and capable hands with Legacy.

We grabbed a quick lunch in Dallas and headed to our next appointment, with Lifetree Adoption. We had sadly already told ourselves that this next appointment would have to blow us out of the water to be a contender. We met with Robin, the owner at Lifetree and while we liked her and the success of their agency, we felt a better connection with Legacy and felt we would receive more personalized attention.

We left this appointment feeling a bit torn. It’s really an odd phenomenon trying to pick an adoption agency, when in the back of your mind you’d like to just work with them all to better your chances and speed up the process. It’s a huge decision, knowing that the agency will advocate on our behalf to become parents, and that we are trusting them with all of our hearts. We trusted our gut, however, and decided we would move forward with Legacy. And I kid you not, the second we verbalized our decision, my gps gave us our next instruction on the road to “exit Legacy Drive.”

We grouped in these appointments with a family weekend in Frisco at my brother and sister-in-law’s house, also getting to experience Lexi’s first dance recital. We always enjoy time with our family but it was even more special getting to share in this experience, fully divulging our hopes, dreams, and our fears. We are blessed to have a constant support network that is actively praying and learning about the process along with us.

IMG_1293Thankful for family.


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